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History becomes art

Update : 26 Mar 2015, 01:42 PM

On March 17, a hall was filled with colourful little angels awaiting for a book filled with lots of colours, characters and a history of Mujib and his unknown moments as architect of our nation. The first episode of the autobiography of Bangabandhu, with eleven more episodes calculated to be published and spread more light of his great humanity and leadership. 

Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy and ABM Salauddin Shuvo puts in their dedication to make each and every corner of the graphic novel come out with a perfect look.  At the inaugural ceremony, both of them jointly shared their story of heartfelt efforts and how it became possible with help of CRI. Tanmoy, scriptwriter and illustrator of the book, said, “It would be really exciting for the reader as we are picturing Bangabandhu's life's 34 years from his birth based on his Oshomapto Attojiboni. The stories popularly come across as mostly war or politically significant timeline.” He also believes that a lot has been done about him but this is the first time when the unknown pages of his life Bangabandhu is being visualised for the youth who didn't read his autobiography. “I'm eagerly awaiting to see how the future generation gets motivated to read the unknown and unseen parts of his life. This book is focusing more on human history.” 

ABM Salauddin Shuvo, colourist, put-upon many colour formations to explicitly illistrate each emotion to the reader while simultaneously retaining the international graphic novel colouring style. He said, “At the beginning, when Bangabandhu was inspired by his family member to write about his life, we used blue and a monochromatic colour. When his life's other materials came upon, we made it colourful.” He also mentioned using less dark colours to make it enjoyable for junior readers. 

While taking, Shuvo became a bit nostalgic and said “Me and Tanmoy always wanted to create a comic on the local super hero. And then, suddenly both of us thought about Bangababdhu, the real hero of our country.” Tanmoy added, “However, our dream would have remained just a dream if we couldn't get the opportunity by CRI.”


A glimpse of Comments

Radwan Mujib Siddiq, grandchild of Bangabandhu, trustee, CRI, shared his childhood memories on how they were so passionate to know about his grandfather. He said, “'Whenever I talked about my  grandfather, my teacher panicked and got nervous and used to say, 'don't say it in school.' One day a teacher said to me, 'your grandfather wasn't Bangabandhu, rather than enemy of Bangladesh.' But my mother taught told us to stay as patient as our grandfather.'”

Kids and teenagers express their joy in having a historical book like Mujib. In addition, they want more of the sort having knowledgeable content in the arena of books, movies etc. 

Cartoon maestro Ahsan Habib feels it's a gigantic kick off for Comic, Graphic and cartoon industry. He reckons this initiative as the easiest way to reach out to the history of father of the nation. 

Mentioning the initiative as a knowledge hub for kids, Rafiqun Nabi, artist and cartoonist, considers the fictitious settings of cartoon novels may be threat of perceiving it as fiction more what it really aspires to. He said, “ Bangabandhu is real.” 

Agreeing the reality, Sara Zaker, social activist said, “If calling it something else except for a novel will make it more clear to the reader that it isn't fiction at all.”

Meanwhile, clearing out the confusion about the Graphic Novel concept, Sabbir Bin Shams, Executive Director, CRI, said, “'To create a distinguished look to it, we use the very contemporary term 'Graphic Novel' used by most of the popular publishing houses in the current days. And the publishers took it as a medium of good practice in book publishing art. Many historically important and famous man like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Steve Jobs are being portrayed through Graphic Novels as well.'”

“However, it is true that there is a fictitious characteristic to the novel. For example, this book has a ancestor character of Bangabandhu that is depicted entirely from imagination. Also there is a dialogue, where Bangabandhu said, “Erokom kore keno Baba?” which was not in Oshomapto Attojiboni. There are lots of scopes for imagination but the facts are from the Oshomapto Attojiboni. On top of everything, CRI is eagerly awaiting to get comments, criticisms and feedback.”


Graphic Novel Visualisers Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy and ABM Salauddin Shuvo Editing  Shibu Kumar Shil Copyright Centre for Research andInformation Publisher  Nasrul Hamid, State Minister for Energy, Power & Mineral Resources, and Radwan Mujib Siddiq, Trustee, CRI, are publishers Distributor Charchaa

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