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Konami: Authentic Teppanyaki experience in Dhaka

While the price range is on the steeper side, you should certainly give the Teppanyaki at Konami a try when the occasion calls for it

Update : 23 May 2024, 07:02 PM

Dhaka’s affinity for Japanese culture and food has only grown over time making Konami, a teppanyaki, a natural progression of that love for Japanese food. Delicious seafood and meat grilled on a tabletop.

“Dhaka has a love affair with Japanese food, and there’s a certain segment of people in the city that takes a liking to Japanese cuisine,” said Konami's Managing Director Raffad Khan. 


The Teppanyaki experience began with the seafood deluxe combo, watching the live cooking and knife skills as the chef prepared Atlantic salmon, spiny lobster, chicken, and beef in butter garlic sauce. 

Photo: Ahadul Karim Khan/Dhaka Tribune

Salmon avocado roll and house-made matcha ice cream were also served, showcasing their culinary artistry. 

Their salmon filet, straight from the grill, had a slightly charred exterior that provided a delicate crunch to the moist and succulent bite.

The taste was a blend of buttery and slightly sweet flavours from grilling a butter garlic sauce on a grill.

Cooked with butter, the Atlantic salmon had a tender texture that melted in the mouth, complemented by herbs, spices, garlic butter sauce and an optional touch of lemon zest. 

Next, the dish presented was the spiny lobster showcasing a delightful flavour profile, combining firmness with tenderness, a hint of umami sweetness, and a texture that was both delicate, yet rich.

Photo: Ahadul Karim Khan/Dhaka Tribune

The lobster was filled with meat in its tail, cooked with garlic butter, well seasoned and delicious with a succulent and chewy consistency. 

Their beef rib eye steak, drenched in a rich butter garlic sauce, creates a memorable and decadent experience as it pleasantly melts in your mouth.

The addition of the garlic butter sauce enhances the Umami taste and brings in a hint of aroma. The creamy texture mixed with the sharpness of the garlic accentuates the savoury flavour of the beef, which was perfectly seasoned. 

The seasoned beef was served alongside flavorful fried rice, enhancing the dining creating a hearty, satisfying meal. 

After that, the salmon and avocado roll was served, a classic choice in sushi that blends the luxurious flavour of salmon with the velvety texture of ripe avocado.

Photo: Ahadul Karim Khan/Dhaka Tribune

The freshly prepared roll was incredibly enjoyable, with the distinct flavours of salmon and avocado sure to delight any sushi enthusiast. 

Finally, we completed our meal with the delicious treat of matcha ice cream.

The ice cream contained a generous portion of green tea powder, producing the earthy bitterness of matcha while also having the smoothness and thickness from whole milk and cream.

What we thoroughly appreciated is that you can really taste the green tea and you can tell that they didn't skimp on the powder. The ice cream was utterly delightful all the way through. 

Photo: Ahadul Karim Khan/Dhaka Tribune

The price range for a meal at Konami ranges from Tk2,500 to Tk4,000 per person. 


Located in Gulshan 1, Konami exudes simple intimacy and class through its wooden decor and a theme of light brown hues throughout the restaurant. 

Every piece of decoration and cutlery has been personally curated by khan. 

“We’ve tried to keep it as natural and simple as possible, as that really speaks to Japanese philosophy,” he also said.


Opened in February earlier this year, Konami started slow and is taking its time whilst improving through research and development, said Khan.

“For us, this is a 15-20 year investment. So we’re really taking our time to develop through R&D.”

The current economic state has made imports difficult for most restaurants, as is the case for Konami, they deal with hiked prices by cutting down on profit margins. 

“Inflation and the current economic state is certainly an issue for us as most of our ingredients are imported, but we make sure then we cut down on profit on something else,” he added. 

Photo: Ahadul Karim Khan/Dhaka Tribune


Definitely try at least one of their combos from their Teppanyaki menu, as it's not only delectable, the whole experience of live cooking while chefs passionately create the dish in front of you is  visually enthralling and worthwhile.

While the price range is on the steeper side, you should certainly give the Teppanyaki at Konami a try when the occasion calls for it. You certainly will not regret it. Their service, particularly includes a fresh wet towel for a rare pampered treatment from a restaurant. 

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