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Layering 101

Update : 01 Mar 2015, 11:53 AM

Layering is as vital a tool during the transitional weather, as it is during winter. The concept can be related all-year-long but it is more relevant in a weather like the current one. It gives you the option to take on and off a layer whenever you want to, depending on how the weather is.

Why layers? Layering is a great way to personalise your wardrobe. Here are two reasons why it should be your new best friend:

Layering is stylish Let’s face it, the majority of the people around you have succumbed to the generic shirt, trousers and the chilled out T-shirt. Which makes it, somewhat “pleasing” to the eyes when you see someone do something different and interesting to their outfit. Proper layering is known to make one’s ordinary clothes look so much more. Who doesn’t like variety? The concept of layering tends to play with colour which gives you a variety of options when you’re dressing up, once you’ve gotten a grip on it.

Layering is practical Like someone once said, fashion is anything you are comfortable in. In a country like ours, you have to think about the practicality and the function of your wardrobe. The weather, for obvious reasons, is an important point to be kept in mind when you’re layering. When you feel a tad too warm, simply take off the top layer of your outfit or slip it back on, when the chilly breeze reminds you of the winter left behind.

The rules

The hems on the outside should be longer than the ones inside The weight of the materials to be used, the heaviest ones to be piled on the lightest. Never the other way around, please. Each layer that you don should be something that you could wear on it’s own: The onlookers shouldn’t think that you are layering in order to hide a T-shirt that you aren’t proud of. Choose your colours wisely: The colours should not counteract each other, colourblocking can be a good idea. But the contrast must be present, at all times. The patterns, too: Differentiate between the strongest and lightest colours and pile on accordingly, keeping a contrast between the different types. Mustn’t look like you are trying too hard.  

All in all, the art of layering could be mastered by anyone and everyone. Once you do that, effortless fashion is what you’ll reek of. Nothing less.

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