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Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses: Ready for a sunny day!

Update : 02 May 2013, 07:58 AM


We wish we could all take an endless vacation to the beach and live happily ever after. You need to take care of your skin each and every day, just like you do before you hit the beach.

Since sun damage is cumulative, it is important to wear sunscreen every single day. Even 10 minutes of exposure a day will add up to have some damage on the skin. Many people say they aren’t spending much time outside, but remember, UVA rays can go through window glass.

You can also amp up your armour with a moisturiser that contains sunscreen. Bonus points if you rock a floppy hat, which is also a fashionable way to kick the sun’s butt. To complete your look, add trendy sunglasses too.

As soon as you have your sunscreen packed up in your beach bag, we’ll say you should just glow for it. You’re suited up in all of your flip-flop glory heading to the beach. You’re ready for the day.

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