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Sporting faux-pas

Update : 01 Nov 2017, 09:14 PM
Many of us do it. Some of us do it without giving darn about what we wear to the gym or while working out. This isn’t about price tags but it is about brands. Is it in poor taste to mix major sports brands in one outfit? Oh, you bet your derrière, mon ami. When you are constantly under the scope or being seen through the lens, you can’t get away with too much in the public eyes. This rule is the most difficult for celebrities to avoid, especially the very stylish ones. It’s one thing to mix and match different brands if their logo placement is discrete. But when you’re messing around in Nike or Adidas clothing, there really isn’t an excuse besides you being ridiculously lazy. Many won’t see this as an issue, believing it to be petty. In most cases, men will throw something on just to walk down the neighbourhood to pick something up from the local corner store. On the other hand, there are those that frown upon this fashion faux-pas, like a GQ staff writer who says, “Not wearing the two biggest sportswear brands logos – Adidas’ three stripes and Nike’s Swoosh – in the same outfit seems like an easy rule to follow. Would you put Mercedes rims on your BMW?” Well, now that you think about it, he’s got a point. For the lack of better terms, the idea is simply tacky. And, gentlemen, we never want to be tacky. Even though there are worse cardinal sins in style than this, let’s focus more on good fashion habits and style guidelines. The best way to avoid this situation is to make sure you buy items in sets so that there is no confusion on what works best, i.e. Adidas tracksuits. Let’s not be brash and break these Golden Rules all willy-nilly, shall we, gentlemen? Stay smart.
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