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Baby's got back fat

Update : 21 Jun 2015, 11:59 AM

Q: My sedentary work style is beginning to catch up with me. I need some style tips to help me hide my back fat

A: First up, while dressing right can help disguise the problem to some extent, please remember to compensate for all the sitting you're doing at work by getting up every twenty minutes or so to stretch your arms and legs, or back fat will be the least of your health issues before you're even aware it happened.

Moving on to style matters, here are three ways to approach the problem

Wear clothes in the size that you are at now

Forget vanity sizing. Just because you can still squeeze yourself into the clothes you wore five years ago doesn't mean that you should. Ever tried stuffing a pillow into a pillow cover that's too small? The same thing is happening to your body, and it's hell on your self-esteem. Spare yourself the agony and just go up a few dress sizes until your body can comfortably slide in or out of your outfit.

Innerwear issues

The biggest cause of back fat even in women who don't have it is an ill-fitting bra. Do yourself a solid and get fitted for a bra by a professional, and then buy only the innerwear that fits you. If you're a bit on the busty side, opt for full coverage to further prevent the dreaded “double bubble” at the back.

Consider shapewear

As a general principle, stick to simple silhouettes that minimise the chances of bulging. On occasions that demand a slinky, body-hugging number, consider shapewear, which reins you in on a more uniform scale, preventing unflattering pockets of chubby chubs.

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