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Resume faux pas one needs to avoid

Update : 07 Dec 2013, 06:05 PM

It is a common practice for job seekers to create one generic resume and send it for every single job. This hardly ever works. Each company has its own set of skills which they are looking for in prospective candidates for specific roles. These are skills that you might have gained through a specific task at your current or previous job, but are not emphasised enough or hidden behind inept language. Do not fall victim to the most common gaffes job seekers make when sending their resumes to organisations.

Know the needs: Having a generic resume does not set you apart from the crowd. Before applying for a position, make sure you read the job description thoroughly. Pick out and highlight key words from it to use aptly in your resume. I shouldn’t even have to mention the importance of running a grammatical check.

Photo dilemma: It surprises me how few people know about pictures on resumes. It is best not to have a picture. However, if you are interested in showing your impressive face, please do not put a side profile picture. Take a picture with a white background and a friendly expression. Do not attach the picture separately with the resume; make it a part of it.

For international firms: Internationally, many companies usually do not insist you mention your sex and marital status. Why? It may unintentionally affect their decision and you may become an inadvertent victim of discrimination.

Things they do not need to know: The potential employer does not need to know the names and birthdates of your parents, siblings, pets, their professions, the number of children you have or your religion!  

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