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Four hacks to expertly close a job interview

Update : 07 Dec 2013, 06:02 PM

In spite of the uniqueness of each position, all employers use common practices to select their number one candidate. Whether the job is to conduct a traffic survey or write copy, it is possible to ace a job interview with the same tactics if you anticipate the interviewer’s expectations and play to it. Closing an interview well is paramount to its success it is also the step a lot of people often miss. Use the following five hacks to close a job interview expertly.

Ask for a card: This is a basic, and chances are you probably will not have to ask for it. But in case you are not presented a card at the beginning of the interview, once it is over, ask for it before saying thank you and making your exit.

Make a follow up plan: Before leaving, make sure you plant a seed for a follow up. Tell your interviewer how exciting you find the company and how it is in line with your vision for your career, adding that you’ll be in touch with them. This way when you do a follow up call or email, it will not be out of the blue.

Send a thank you note: The faster you follow up, the better the chances that they’ll remember you. However, you cannot exactly follow up regarding the interview the same day without coming off as obstinate. It is better to email them a thank you note right after the interview. It might not make a big difference but it’ll definitely put you at the top of their mind.

Call back during early hours: Find out from the front desk what the company’s hours of operation are, and when you make a follow up call, make sure it’s right after your potential interviewer gets to work. Generally people make more positive decisions in the morning and it also shows that if you are hired, you will be a punctual employee.  

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