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Land Rover tests the V8 Defender on the Nürburgring

Land Rover suggests that the new V8 Defenders' on-road capacities will be in line with its amazing rough terrain abilities. 

Update : 04 Apr 2021, 02:05 PM

With the new Defender on the whole of its sublime 90, 110 and Hard Top variations being released in the not so distant past, various people were left considering whether there would be a sportier version, preferably with a beating unprecedented V8 under its hood. 

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has now been spotted trying a V8 rendition of the latest Defender at the ever-notorious Nürburgring - an odd choice for such a vehicle perhaps, however, we'll go to that later. 

Powered by Jaguar Land Rover's (JLR) 5.0l V8 'AJ' Supercharged engine, it is moreover expected that the new V8 Defender will be the remainder of JLRs vehicles to run this overall revered engine before the plant move towards using a BMW-sourced 4.4 litre super V8 like those found in the more prominent 'M' vehicles, likewise, we expect the V8 Defender will be somewhat a compelled run, low-numbers model. 

Visual changes are limited to some red brake callipers and a quad-leave exhaust structure, which JLR save only for use on V8 vehicles. Purportedly JLRs master SVO tuning outfit isn’t included in this venture, which implies the V8 Defender will presumably be more paired back than its Range Rover SVR stablemate, with a reputed force figure of around 500hp - still all that anybody could require for a vehicle, for instance, this. 

The decision to test at the Nürburgring is an interesting one regardless, as this isn't the spot you'd normally desire to see such a vehicle go through a lot of tests, however, it suggests that the V8 Defenders' on-road capacities will in comparison with its great rough terrain abilities. 

In a perfect world, we'll see a V8 offered in the 90 specs three-door Defender. We'd desire to see the V8 Defender at the centre of attention in 2021.

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