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A story that “sticks” with you

Update : 29 Jun 2016, 06:27 PM

Now you have another reason to run to the supermarket, and no, there's no Srirarcha-flavoured piyaju mix (yet). We're talking about Lathial, the latest brainchild by the geniuses at Mighty Punch Studios.

The plot: Regulars (and a plucky little eavesdropping opportunist) at a tavern exchange tales about the legendary feats of a mythical hero known only as the Lathial. Samir Asrar Rahman has seamlessly woven several mini-episodes into one big story, with a knockout surprise at the very end.

The art: Mosharraf Hussain (Nipu), Fahim Anzoom Rumman and Asifur Rahman team up to bring you a spectacular feast of visuals. The artwork is somehow able to convey the change in tone and voice as a different narrator takes up the storytelling, without losing the overarching style of the major plot. Definitely commendable.

The verdict: While the Shabash comics will always be special, this new character is definitely the best thing to come out of the studio. The feeling of nostalgia for local readers at the tongue-in-cheek references to deshi folklore, combined with familiar hallmarks of international geekery, including a very Star Wars like opening, together make for a rambunctious romp of a read.

Lathial #00 is now available at Meena Bazar and Jamil's comics in UAE Market.

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