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Mortoza Polash: A rising star in business, entertainment and philanthropy

As a role model for entrepreneurs and artists alike, he continues to inspire with his dedication to honesty, hard work, and genuine commitment

Update : 23 Dec 2023, 12:42 AM

Mortoza Polash, a 20-year-old entrepreneur, musical artist, actor, producer, and spiritual leader, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the diverse realms of business, entertainment, and philanthropy.

Hailing from Bangladesh, Polash has not only broken barriers but set new standards for success, earning recognition as the “youngest entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.”

Polash’s journey began in 2013 when he founded the JP Group, a conglomerate that spans diverse industries, including fashion, agriculture, fisheries, media, real estate, and education.

His leadership has propelled the JP Group into new markets, establishing a global presence. Under his guidance, the company has launched ventures such as Joy Pagol Studio and Joy Pagol Multimedia.

Mortoza Polash-Singer-Showtime

Beyond his role as a business tycoon, Polash is a gifted musical artist, renowned actor, and successful producer. He has graced Bangla dramas and television shows, showcasing versatility in his performances.

As a producer, he has been behind several successful dramas and music videos.

Polash’s commitment to making a positive impact extends to his role as a spiritual leader. He founded JP Teach (SG) PTE Ltd, a company providing educational services to students in Singapore.

Additionally, as the founder of JP Indenting Corporation, an import-export company, he contributes to global trade.

As a digital marketer, Polash emphasizes the values of honesty, concentration, and hard work. He believes that genuine success is achieved through honest and dedicated efforts.

His philosophy underscores the importance of maintaining integrity in human actions and persevering through hard work.

In the entertainment industry, Polash’s reputation extends beyond acting. He is a renowned musician with several albums to his name. His songs resonate with audiences of all ages, showcasing his skills as a songwriter and composer.

Married to Shamima Islam Nishe, Polash is a devoted family man with three children: Adhora Murtoza Roza, Anisha Murtoza Adri, and Arisha Murtoza Pridi.

His parents, Abu Helal Molla and Razia Helal, have witnessed his remarkable journey from the inception of the JP Group in 2013.

Polash’s trajectory from a young entrepreneur to a multifaceted visionary reflects not only his personal growth but also his impact on various industries.

As a role model for entrepreneurs and artists alike, he continues to inspire with his dedication to honesty, hard work, and a genuine commitment to making a positive difference in the world.


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