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Imdadul Haq Milan: Printed literature will survive for a long time

Regionalism, urban dialects and technical terms will come into the narratives of literature in the future, the panellists say

Update : 06 Jan 2023, 01:50 PM

Describing the future of narratives, popular novelist Imdadul Haq Milan said wherever technology advances, printed literature will survive for a long time.

The former editor of Kaler Kantho was talking at a session titled “Future Narrative” on the second day of the 10th edition of Dhaka Lit Fest on Friday.

“Novels or narratives are based on real-life stories. therefore, people will read them for pleasure,” he said.

Moderated by Swakrito Noman, the session was held at the Nazrul Mancha on the Bangla Academy premises.

Syed Manzoorul Islam, a Bangladeshi critic, writer and former professor at Dhaka University, was also present as a panellist.

In a response to a question about why people in the contemporary time or future would still read novels, Syed Manzoorul Islam said more changes will come to the narrative in the future.

“Nowadays we read less and see more due to the dominance of visual media. Some of its effects will come in the narrative of literature. As people seek the reflection of their dreams and possibilities in literature, future novels will be written keeping that point in mind. People will be able to experience the words and relate to their own lives,” he said.

Pointing that the elements and forms of language are changing continuously, the panellist said the world will keep changing and the writers, as well, will keep changing the languages accordingly.

Regionalism, urban dialects, technical terms-all will come into the narratives of literature, they said.

Discussant Syed Manzoorul Islam opined that society is more responsible than the state structure for not creating new readers.

According to him, in this case, it is necessary to emphasize three things- getting properly educated, creating motivation for literary practice at the family level and ensuring a favourable environment for literature in educational institutions.

At the end of the session, the panellists praised the arrangement of Dhaka Lit Fest and wished it a success.

Besides, they expressed hope that in the future, an international level festival can be organized in Bangladesh that will showcase Bangla literature and art to the rest of the world. 

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