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Prices of essentials heat up just before Eid

A retailer said that prices shot up due to Eid-ul-Azha, as customers were reportedly stockpiling ahead of the strict lockdown from July 23

Update : 18 Jul 2021, 08:56 PM

Essential cooking ingredients, despite being in abundance, saw its prices go up across the kitchen markets in the capital, just three days before Eid-ul-Azha.

Visiting several kitchen markets, including Karwan Bazar, New Market, Hatirpool, Khilgaon and Motijheel, it was found that prices of spices, rice and vegetables shot up compared to last week. 

According to the state-run market monitoring body Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), medium-quality fine rice is being sold at a 2.91% higher rate, compared to the same period last week. 

In different parts of the country, the prices of rice suddenly went up by Tk100-150 per maund.

Also, prices of bay leaves increased by 9.38%, cumin by 2.75%, imported ginger by 13.33% and imported garlic by 11.54%. 

Small cardamom is being sold for more than Tk50 per kg. During the month, local turmeric is being sold at 29.41% more and coriander 2% more than last week's prices.

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Nazmul, a retailer at Hatirpool, said that prices shot up due to Eid-ul-Azha, as customers were reportedly stockpiling ahead of the strict lockdown from July 23.

Eid-ul-Azha is on July 21.

About higher vegetable prices, he said that prices had gone up by Tk5-10 per kg from last week, most notably tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots.

"Last week I sold tomatoes for Tk80-100 and today (Sunday) I sold them for Tk120 a kilo," he added.

Another vendor, Ebadur Rahman, said that on Sunday, he sold four pieces of lemon for Tk15-20, while green chilies sold in retail for Tk60 per kg, coriander and mint leaves for Tk80-120 per kg.

Shafiqul Haq, a retail grocer, said soybean oil was being sold at the same rate as last week, Tk145-150 per litre, and Tk700-710 for a 5-litre container.

Unpacked soybean oil sold for Tk135 per litre, local ginger Tk100 per kg, local garlic for Tk60-70 per kg, and Chinese garlic for Tk90-100 per kg, he added.

Meat prices remained unchanged over the week, as demand was low due to Eid-ul-Azha, when cattle and goats would be slaughtered as sacrificial animals, said Sujon Sarker, a butcher at the same market.

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"Now we are selling broiler chicken for Tk125-130 per kg, Sonali (Cock) chicken for Tk230-240 per kg, and layer chicken for Tk200-230 per kg. Beef is being sold for Tk560-580 per kg and mutton Tk850 per kg," he added.

Moslem Uddin, a rice retailer, said that prices of rice just kept increasing in the last two weeks.

Although coarse and fine grain rice prices did not increase last week, prices of medium quality rice went up, he added.

He blamed the rice millers and their agents behind the price hikes, which eventually influenced wholesale and retail prices.

Md Solaiman, a consumer, said that everything cost more just before Eid and the strict lockdown, as none of the vegetables sold for less than Tk50 per kg.

"We are helpless and must buy at their stipulated prices, as there is no alternative," he added.

Selimuzzaman Selim, another consumer, said that although meat prices were stable, fish was becoming expensive, as a 600-700 gram Ilish was sold for Tk800-900 apiece, while jumbo prawns cost Tk600-700 per kg, Ruhi-Katla Tk280-350 per kg and Tilapia for Tk120-150 per kg.

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