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bKash gets rave reviews for TikTok series 'Premer bKash'

bKash launched this handle on TikTok to raise awareness and strengthen user relationships

Update : 23 May 2024, 05:47 PM

In a groundbreaking move, bKash launched its first-ever TikTok drama series, ' Premer Bikash’.

It was filmed amidst the serene beauty of Faridpur. The series has already created quite a buzz on TikTok, which was released on February 14, this Valentine's Day, from the official TikTok handle of Amar bKash. 

'Amar bKash' is a community-based platform created for bKash users.

bKash launched this handle on TikTok to raise awareness and strengthen user relationships. However, due to not receiving the expected user engagement, they decided to take a different approach.

To engage the audience organically without any boosting, bKash, in collaboration with the advertising agency Mediacom Limited, created the innovative TikTok series 'Premer bKash'.   

This unique triangle love story not only captivates viewers with its engaging narrative but also integrates features of the bKash, enhancing user engagement through interactive quizzes at the end of some episodes.

The series has also been optimized for mobile viewing (9:16), which is also an innovative move in the fiction industry. 

The 31 episodes 'Premer bKash' series featured renowned TikTok celebrities Arohi Meem and Miraz in the lead roles.

Two renowned influencers Dana Bhai Joss and Hamza Khan Shayan were cast for two cameo roles for cross-platform affiliations.

The series also boasts a romantic song that went viral overnight. 

In producing the series, the advertising agency Mediacom Limited worked with the Big Fish Entertainment production house.

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