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Deepen Ramadan spirituality with MyBL Super App

The country’s pioneering Super App has introduced a range of new features aimed to enhance spirituality during this holy month

Update : 31 Mar 2024, 04:29 PM

As the holy month of Ramadan unfolds, the faithful immerse themselves in acts of worship, seeking to purify their intentions and draw closer to the source of all existence. Through prayer, fasting, and reflection, they strive to cultivate a state of inner peace and harmony, shedding the distractions of the world to focus solely on the eternal truths of faith. 

Keeping this spirit of Ramadan intact, the country’s pioneering Super App – MyBL Super App has introduced a range of new features aimed to enhance spirituality during this holy month.

The introduction of these new features within the MyBL Super App shows the heartfelt commitment to embracing the sacred essence of Ramadan. It's more than just a digital advancement; it's a gesture of care and understanding towards the diverse needs of our community by providing an all-in-one digital solution for our customers. MyBL Super App does not just mitigate the cumbersome nature of mobile applications but makes time bound tasks of Ramadan easily attainable with features that cover our Religious, Healthcare and Travel needs. 

Navigating through multiple apps can be difficult especially for the senior citizens who are not tech-savvy. This is where the user-friendly interface of MyBL Super App along with all its comprehensive features comes in to make life easier. 

During Ramadan, MyBL offers special features for everyone including Iftar and Sehri Alert along with Namaaz Tracker and a wide set of Duas for every occasion and need. Additionally, premium features like reading Quran offline, free online Quran lessons and Mosque finders to reach the nearest mosque within minutes to catch congregation are some of the benefits that MyBL Super App offers. Plus, if you're traveling for Eid, you can get discounted bus tickets with 0% service fee and 2 GB free data with every purchase. Banglalink is offering bus tickets at special Counter price in the most convenient manner to help customers get home to their families this Eid. Customers can also avail discounts on medicine and free data with every order, plus insurance coverage and rewards when buying SMS bundles. But beyond the features lies a deeper narrative—a reflection of Banglalink's commitment to its customers. 

For those fasting, managing daily tasks becomes effortless, thanks to the app's myriad features. From ordering medicine with a comforting discount to securing bus tickets for the cherished Eid journey, every aspect is meticulously catered to, ensuring a seamless Ramadan experience. Overall, the MyBL Super App shows Banglalink's commitment to making life simpler and better for its users, especially during Ramadan. It's about more than just technology—it's about caring for people and making their lives easier in today's digital world.

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