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Intelsense AI introduces, country’s first ever Bangla large language model

It also incorporates in-house proprietary Voice AI technology

Update : 24 Feb 2024, 06:38 PM

In a noteworthy stride towards linguistic innovation, Bangladeshi AI startup Intelsense AI’s product has released Ekush LLM, marking a significant leap in the realm of Bangla language models. This significant development opens up new horizons for Bangla language processing and artificial intelligence, revolutionizing how Bangla speakers interact with technology. 

"As the world's first LLM trained and fine-tuned in Bangla, is building the full-stack for Generative AI. Our primary focus is to make Generative AI relevant to Bangladesh, with immediate attention given to training AI models to support the Bangladeshi language and voice-first interfaces. Additionally, we are collaborating with Bangladeshi enterprises to co-build domain-specific AI models using their data to enhance their workflow and productivity." - Rumman Arefin (Founder, Intelsense AI) represents a leap forward in natural language understanding and synthesis for the Bangla language. Built upon advanced transformer based architecture, this cutting-edge LLM is tailored to comprehend and generate Bangla text with unprecedented accuracy and fluency. It promises to elevate Bangla language processing capabilities to the next level, enabling diverse applications across various sectors. 

With, Bangla-speaking users can expect enhanced communication experiences across digital platforms. From chatbots and virtual assistants to content generation and sentiment analysis, the possibilities are endless. Businesses, financial institutions, healthcare, advertising and media, educational institutions, and government agencies can leverage this technology to better engage with Bangla-speaking audiences, driving innovation and inclusivity in the digital landscape. 

Moreover, holds immense potential for preserving and promoting Bangla language and culture in the digital age. By facilitating seamless communication in Bangla across a wide array of applications, it fosters linguistic diversity and empowerment within the Bangla-speaking community.'s innovative breakthrough is motivated by its distinctive performance, setting it apart from traditional LLMs in the Bangla language context. One of's key strengths lies in its deep understanding of Bangla words and characters, achieved through the integration of a unique multi-stage training process. Each stage is motivated by a different training philosophy, ranging from familiarizing additional tokens with the target language to anomaly detection, to maintaining and engaging in informative conversation. This rigorous training process ensures a profound level of language comprehension, further solidifying's position as a leader in natural language understanding and generation for Bangla.

As we enter in a new era of linguistic empowerment and technological innovation in the Bangla world, Sense AI can play a substantial role in changing the lives of specially challenged individuals. is not only a language model; it also incorporates in-house proprietary Voice AI technology. Therefore, we can take advantage of it from the root level, utilizing it for all kinds of communication, such as telemedicine and agriculture, and making a positive impact on people's lives. 

Sense AI can also play a substantial role in changing the lives of specially challenged individuals. We have utilized language-specific additional tokens to achieve the most suitable outcome. The large text corpus comprises a rigorously cleaned dataset of billions of tokens, estimating both monolingual and bilingual content. We incorporated cutting-edge developments in training and fine-tuning in the LLM space.

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