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RMG Sustainability Council's framework near finalization

The Government Coordination Council (GCC) previously decided to finish the proposed draft at its third meeting in October

Update : 30 Nov 2022, 06:00 PM

In order to monitor the overall activities of the national tripartite initiative – representing each of the three constituents from industry, global fashion brands, and global and local trade unions – the government is about to finalize a framework for RMG Sustainability Council (RSC).

The Government Coordination Council (GCC) previously decided to finish the proposed draft at its third meeting in October.

The framework must be submitted to the Labour and Employment Ministry after being approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

According to the framework, RSC will be required to send the DIFE a safety report and summary of the factories every three months (condition No 07 of license).

RSC will work with DIFE to create a database that is linked to and contains information about the factories that are currently operational as well as information about their progress, escalation status and other requirements (condition No 16 of license).

In the event of an accident, RSC will be required to immediately notify DIFE (condition No 19 of license).

If necessary, the sustainability council should work with DIFE to create a common standard in accordance with the Bangladesh Labour Act and Rules, the BNBC, the Fire Act, and other international standards (condition No 14 of license).

In order to prevent any kind of collision, the chief safety officer (CSO) will also notify the IG, DIFE, before making the remediation report public (condition No 13 of license).

The DIFE has the authority to monitor and assess the factory's overall safety situation, including RSC (condition No 8 of license).

In light of allegations of illegal activities by the government, the GCC established under Section 41 of the RSC will be able to monitor the operations of the RSC and provide necessary guidance to enforce Section 41 of the Code of Conduct, and this will be taken into consideration as a final judgment (condition No 10 of license).

The framework's primary goals are to fulfill the requirements of the RSC license agreement provided by the Ministry of Commerce and ensure structural, fire, electrical, and other safety-related issues through effective coordination between DIFE and RSC.

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