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BO accounts increase in August amid record turnover

Though the number of non-resident BO accounts went down slightly, BO accounts of resident investors increased by 10,068

Update : 01 Sep 2022, 08:05 PM

In the month of August, the country's stock markets witnessed a significant increase in the number of Beneficiary Owner's (BO) accounts along with record turnover this year. 

In the 19 working days of the month, the number of BO accounts which are needed to trade stocks has increased to almost 9500.

According to the latest data from Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL), the number of BO accounts in the country stood at 18,43,341 on August 31, up from 18,33,884 on July 31, 2022. 

That means, within a month the number of BO accounts went up by 9,457. 

Data analysis shows that on July 31, among the two types of investors– residents and non-residents, there were 17,53,809 BO accounts of domestic investors as of July 31 and the non-resident investors' BO account summed up to  64,261. 

Besides, till that date, the two bourses of the country, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) had 15,814 company BO accounts.

After a month on August 31, BO accounts of resident investors (domestic) increased by 10,068 to 17,63,877.

During this time the company BO accounts have slightly increased to 15,945. 

However, at this time the BO accounts of foreign investors have slightly decreased by 722 to 63,519. 

Regarding last month's performance, Shakil Rizvi, director of DSE told Dhaka Tribune: “Where there is an opportunity to make a profit, investors will certainly come and those who understand the market will invest when the share prices fall, and sell when the price rises.” 

“We have seen that the turnover also rose up during this time and if this continues it's a very positive indication for the stock markets,” the former DSE president also added.

Earlier on August 28 Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) hit the year's highest turnover. 

On that day the main index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange DSEX increased by 46.73 points or 0.7%. 

The total transaction of that day was Tk2105.14 crore, the highest transaction in the last ten and a half months. 

Just three days earlier, on August 25, DSE saw its second-highest turnover till that day. 

On January 11, the second highest turnover of this year was recorded at Tk1976.88 crore.

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