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How iKitchen is raising the standards in the restaurant industry of Bangladesh

Startup iKitchen disrupts the restaurant industry by leveraging technology and innovation in all levels of the food chain

Update : 27 Jun 2021, 07:08 PM

Fancy a delicious lamb roast? Or some spiced minced beef Arabian halabi kebabs fresh off the grill? Now you enjoy the culinary delicacies for the Middle East and the Mediterranean guilt free, with a new startup, iKitchen that proudly uses organic produce, sustainably from the comfort of your own home.

With their three signature cloud restaurants, Lahori cuisine (Lahore by iKitchen), Mediterranean-style dishes (Levant by iKitchen), authentic Dhaka dishes (Dacca by iKitchen), and colored wraps (Twist & Yum by iKitchen), there is an endless plethora of options to choose from. 

Speaking on how the company came about, Founder Romi Faheem Ahsan says: “Bangladesh is ready for food sustainability. iKitchen wants to change that to boost food quality and protect the environment through a project that aims to revamp the local food industry. It’s the best solution to overcome industry issues caused by over-processed foods and a lack of hygiene. I want to raise the bar for all the food industry in Dhaka and the entire country.”

Romi Faheem Ahsan 

He plans to expand globally, to 100 cloud kitchens worldwide in the next 3-5 years.

Bangladesh has one of the fastest economies in the world and is quickly recovering after the pandemic. The local restaurant industry must keep up to meet the expectations of the growing mid-high class. 

Romi Ahsan saw a gap in the market and came up with a new concept that brings together traditional recipes, human interaction, and a sustainable business model. Through his concept iKitchen restaurants, he provides people from Dhaka with healthy food high quality food. 

All four of the cloud kitchens are available on Facebook, one simply has to message them to order. 

Making healthy eating scalable 

iKitchen uses local products only—every ingredient comes from handpicked local producers. “We work with selected suppliers because we want to track every ingredient back to the source and make sure everything is organic and healthy,” explains Ahsan. 

He’s working with chefs and trained personnel to ensure that every step of the process respects the highest standards for hygiene and customer service. For example, clients don’t get in touch with the kitchen staff, but they connect virtually with personal waiters through messaging apps. This way, iKitchen has observed social distancing rules and ensures healthy and safe working protocols. 

Ready to try the clean and green food options by iKitchen? All you have to do is text the restaurant, and your personal waiter will make sure everything gets delivered. It’s that simple. 

This article is in partnership with iKitchen

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