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Supply shortage pushes fish, vegetable prices up

During a visit to several kitchen markets in the capital, the Dhaka Tribune found prices of essential commodities has gone up compared to the previous two to three days

Update : 05 May 2019, 01:17 AM

Prices of essential commodities, especially fishes and vegetables, have skyrocketed in the capital’s kitchen markets ahead of Ramadan, due mainly to supply shortage, and traders’ long standing money-mongering attitudes.

During a visit to several kitchen markets in the capital, the Dhaka Tribune found prices of essential commodities has gone up compared to the previous two to three days.

Talking to this correspondent, traders blamed the supply shortage for the price spiral, caused by the ongoing cyclone Fani, that hit the country with gusty winds, and heavy rainfall, disrupting communication with the capital.

 Sukamal Das, a Karwan Bazar- based fish seller said, there is lesser quantity of fishes in the markets compared to previous two to three days, pushing the prices up by at least 10-30%.

“The fish supply in the wholesale market was 30% lower on Saturday than two days ago,” he said, adding, fish from river was minimal in the market.

He hinted, the prices of fish might go up further in the coming days, as the fishing season in rivers is going to end soon, and the fish supply would fall substantially.

Rubel Hossain, a vegetable trader, said vegetable prices often go up and down rapidly depending on supply in the market.

“The prices jumped as there was lower supply than normal days. A few trucks of vegetables reached Karwan Bazar today (Saturday), which is one of the capital’s largest vegetable market, due to anxiety over cyclone Fani” he added.

During visits of  Kawran Bazar and Malibag kitchen markets, prices of different varieties of fishes were found to have gone up by 15-30% on average, compared to  previous week. Vegetable prices increased by at least Tk10 to Tk20 per kg.

Besides, essential goods like Chickpea, Lentils, Sugar, and Onion, which are extensively consumed in the month of Ramadan, were selling at prices it was during the previous week.

On the other hand, prices of poultry and eggs came down, while prices of beef, mutton, and other essential commodities remained the same.

Contrary to the promise made by the government to check rate hike of essentials before Ramadan,  consumers have to buy essential food items at higher prices. 

Experts believe that, people’s trend of buying essential products altogether for the month, right before Ramadan begins, puts pressure on the market, and a group of unscrupulous traders take advantage of the heavy demand.

Price of commodities

On Saturday, Tilapia fish was found selling at Tk140 to Tk160 per kg, which was TK120-130 last week. Pangas was selling at Tk160-180 per kg , Ruhi, Katla and other cat fishes at Tk240-500 and Pabda was selling at Tk450-500 per kg.

Brinjal was selling  at Tk70 per kg, Cucumber at Tk 50, Carrot at Tk40, Tomato at Tk 55, Chili at Tk 80, and other vegetables sold at Tk40 to Tk60 per kg.

Onion was selling at Tk25-30 per kg, which was Tk16-20 two weeks ago. The prices of garlic, cumin, chili, turmeric, and other spices increased by Tk20-40 per kg because of the Ramadan demand.

Chickpea was selling at Tk 90 per kg, lentil at Tk90-100, and sugar at Tk48 per kg. A 5kg bottle of Soybean oil was selling at Tk490-500.

Prices of beef and mutton remained same and was selling at Tk550 and Tk750 per kg respectively. Poultry price fell to Tk145 per kg, which was Tk155 in the previous week.

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