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Bangladesh’s first 'circular fashion' brand launched

Denim Experts' new brand Circle is manufacturing clothes that can be repaired, remade, reused and recycled

Update : 31 Jan 2019, 10:43 PM

Denim Experts Ltd, a Chittagong-based Bangladeshi denim exporter, has introduced circular fashion— a sustainable change agency creating product and system innovation for a circular economy in fashion and textiles brand—through their new brand, Circle.

For the first time in the Bangladeshi apparel industry, Circle is designing all products so that the sub-components can be disassembled or separated to facilitate repair, remake, reuse and eventually, at the end of the product’s lifespan, be recycled.

Moreover, the products are designed with high quality materials aimed to maximize their durability, longevity and attractiveness to many users—particularly if passed on to new users.

These clothes are also produced with non-toxic, high quality, and biodegradable materials, so that the materials may be safely discarded at the end of use.

Speaking to the Dhaka Tribune, Managing Director of Denim Experts Md Mostafiz Uddin, said: “Denim Experts is very pleased to announce that it has introduced circular fashion and is presenting the first images of our first circular fashion collection under the brand name of 'Circle'.”

Circle is producing both menswear and ladies fashion wear, such as shirts, tops, pants and other items.

How will the products be recycled?

Professional recyclers seasoned in minimizing environmental impact of the product materials will be working with Circle, since the concept is still quite new for the local apparel industry.  

"All of Circle’s products are produced taking into consideration all relevant regulations and legislation worldwide," said Mostafiz.

He explained that if some parts are made out of non-biodegradable materials—for example, the buttons and zippers—they will be attached to the garment in a manner that will make it easy to separate them from the main garment components before biodegrading.

International markets will be first customers

Denim Experts has already made a sample batch of circular fashion clothing, which they will display for buyers from Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The first batch of products will be on sale from February in those countries.

"In recent years, people have become more aware about climate change and its effect on our planet," Mostafiz commented, adding that the uses of natural sources in manufacturing products is gaining both public approval and widespread demand.

The target audience will initially be women aged 18–30 years for the initial launch and retail prices will range between 100–260 euros.

"We are very proud to be promoting both the story of circular fashion and what is achievable in Bangladesh to a discerning European audience," Mostafiz added.

The origins of circular fashion

The concept of circular fashion originally stemmed from the idea of a circular economy.

While a traditional open-ended economy has no built-in tendency to recycle, a circular economy implies that all materials and products in society are used and circulated amongst its users for as long as possible, in an environmentally safe, effective, and just manner.

In 2017, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation released a new report, entitled 'A New Textiles Economy', which demonstrated a growing momentum in the industry to move towards a circular economy.

Less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing, equivalent to a loss of materials worth more than $100 billion a year.

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