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Rohingya woman alleges sexual assault by APBn member

  • Accused an APBn member attempted rape
  • Incident took place on January 
Update : 11 Jan 2024, 12:24 AM

A Rohingya mother of two children living in a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar has accused a member of the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) of attempted rape at her shelter during a so-called search operation on January 7. 

Alarmed by rising tension in the neighbourhood and severe criticism by activists, the camp authorities on Wednesday said that they would look into the matter seriously.

The woman, 22, said that one of the APBn members posted at the camp, identified as Mubin, had been harassing her for the last few months. 

Mubin first came to conduct a search operation at her shelter. At the time, he also asked for her phone number, said her husband.

On January 7, Mubin went to the shelter in Sub-Block B28 of Camp 8E at around 10pm. The woman was sleeping with her two children while her husband was visiting his friend in another block. Mubin searched her shelter and sat on her bed. He also prevented her from going outside, the woman said.

Her mother, who lives in another shelter nearby, came to see what was happening there with her daughter. But she was stopped at the door by another APBn member, Masum, who was accompanying Mubin. 

The duo threatened the woman that she would be taken to the police camp or her husband would be arrested if she shouted out. 

Mubin repeatedly asked her to marry him while touching her inappropriately. At one point, she shouted loudly as he tried to rape her. 

When her neighbours, a Majhi and the Head Majhi, arrived, they saw Masum standing at the door and Mubin inside the shelter. The APBn members then assaulted some locals while trying to leave the place in a hurry.

Several members of Sub-Block B2B echoed the victim's statement.

When contacted, Mohammad Samshuddauja Nayan, additional commissioner of the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commission, said: “I will inquire into it. We will take necessary steps regarding this incident.”

He added that the Rohingya camps have all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the women and children.



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