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Khaleda warns of ‘out of control situation’

Update : 24 May 2014, 09:58 PM

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia gave a warning yesterday that the situation might go beyond everyone’s control if the government does not hold an election under a non-partisan administration, before it is too late.

The party, which boycotted the January 5 election, asked the government not to indulge in excesses and to hold the parliamentary election immediately to resolve the political deadlock.

“We have the right to hold meetings and processions...excesses will not bring any good [for the government],” Khaleda told the government.

“Hold an election under a non-partisan government before the time expires. Any initiative after the expiry of [right] time will not work. The situation may go beyond everyone’s control. So beware,” the former premier said while addressing a pro-BNP lawyers’ rally at the National Press Club.

Earlier, police barred the Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Forum – the BNP’s lawyers’ front – from organising a rally on the Supreme Court premises. Police said the organisers had not taken any permission from the Supreme Court registrar.

Khaleda said: “The government is already rotten [to the people]. We are giving it some scope to come back on the right track. We will announce our programme at the right time. Let them rot more.” She asked party leaders and activists to have patience and that victory will come in time. “When the people will come out of their houses, they [government] will be compelled to surrender to the people,” she said.

Referring to the government’s “bar” on holding a citizens’ gathering at the Engineer’s Institute auditorium last week, the former premier said: “They did not allow us to hold any rally because they are weak and afraid of the people. They are in power with the help of guns. But this situation will not prevail for long.”

Khaleda alleged that there had been conspiracy to victimise her by filing false cases. “I am not afraid,” she said demanding that the cases against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina be resumed to ensure the rule of law in the country.

“There were 15 cases against Hasina and four cases against me. If there is a rule of law, then the cases filed against Hasina should be resumed and my cases continued. It is not acceptable that the cases filed against Hasina have been withdrawn as she is the prime minister,” Khaleda said.

She alleged that the government high-ups were behind the seven murders in Narayanganj and that the three former RAB officials were in safe custody because they might divulge many truths if allowed to go free.

“If Hasina thinks that she will be in power forever, she is wrong. One day, the government has to be accountable for all the killings. Hasina will be brought to book and interrogated for the misdeeds,” Khaleda said. She demanded that all the suspects of the Narayanganj and Fulgazi killings be brought to book.

Reiterating her demand to dissolve RAB, Khaleda said the elite force has been used for political purposes.

Opposing the passing of the budget in parliament, she said: “This government is illegal as there are no people’s representatives in the House. So, this illegal government cannot place any budget in parliament.” 

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