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‘Gonojagoron Moncho now a burden on AL’

Update : 17 Apr 2014, 10:18 PM

The ruling Awami League does not want the continuation of Gonojagoron Moncho any longer as it deems that the platform is now a liability to the government.

The party bigwigs think the leaders of the Moncho are completely out of their control and this is why they want it no longer.

The opinions of several leaders of the ruling party suggest that the Awami League got a big favour from the Gonojagoron Moncho on the issue of war crimes trials but at the same time it had to pay dearly for the emergence of the Hefazat-e-Islam.

They held the Moncho “responsible” for the rise of the Hefazat as they think that “controversial” writes-up of many of the Moncho activists gave an opening to the Islamist fanatics to fish in troubled water.

Analysing those experiences the old guard of the Awami League want to wrap up the chapter of the Gonojagoron Moncho.

Moreover, if the Moncho continues its activities it will ultimately bring into the political scenario more fundamentalist Islamic forces like Hefazat-e-Islam creating political unrest that will be tough for the government to handle.

Another major concerns of the government is the leadership of the Moncho  who they think came from “NGO-based leftist groups” known as representatives of the civil society. They can spearhead anti-government campaign any time.

Talking to several leaders of the Awami league including its associated bodies it was learnt that ruling party threw its weight behind the Moncho for increasing public participation and their support for war crimes trial.

Initially the government extended all kinds of support both politically and administratively. But as the voice of the Moncho went “against the government” the ruling party backtracked.

After the Moncho called a siege to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Home the activists belonging to the Awami League opposed it and they took an anti-Moncho stance.

Sources said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was offended when the Moncho called programmes against her government. But given the volatile political situation at that time the ruling party did not oppose them publicly.

Now with relatively relaxing political ambience after the January 5 election the Awami League has taken a move to wipe out the Moncho, said the sources.

The government party, however, claims that they have no link to the recent split in the Gonojagoron Moncho saying that it was the outcome of the internal clash.

Nuh-Ul-Alam Lenin, presidium member of the Awami League, said the historical necessity for which the Gonojagoron Moncho came into being was over.

“The need for Monchoh as ended through the execution of Quader Molla. So I do not think the platform should continue to exist,” Lenin said.

Lenin alleged that a small portion of the platform was being driven by vaulting ambition.

“We have nothing to say if anyone wants to do something only for their political high ambition. They consider themselves to be big leader,” said Lenin adding: “What’s their profit to stick to the Moncho leaving their study, business and job.”

The Moncho was divided due to internecine clash, he said saying that a small section of the Moncho led by Imran H Sarkar wanted to put pressure on the government.

Awami League Publicity Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud,also a lawmaker, said no one from the Awami League and its associated bodies were involved in the split of the Moncho.

“We have extended our support to the Moncho why should we crash it?”wondered former minister Hasan Mahmud saying that the division was followed by internal feud. 

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