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Ershad: Replacement made for curbing confusion

Update : 11 Apr 2014, 07:48 AM

Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad said the replacement in party’s secretary general post has been made in a bid to curb the confusion among party members.

He said: “Many people, both the party insiders and outsiders, think that there had been a long-standing dispute between me and Rawshan. I have made the decision of appointing Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu as the secretary general of the party, removing ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader, in order to curb the confusion.”

The JaPa chief made the statement while talking to journalists at his President Park residence in the capital on Friday afternoon, a day after he appointed Bablu as his party’s new spokesperson.

The former president said: “Ruhul Amin Howlader has served the party as the secretary general for last 14 years. Now he is tired and need rest.

I think the present government will stay till 2019. We need new leadership for boosting the strength of the party by the five years. That’s why I have made Bablu the secretary general of the party, “he added.

Prime minister’s adviser Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu has been made the secretary general of main opposition in parliament Jatiya Party on Thursday evening.

Bablu replaces ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader, who has served as the secretary general of the party for 14 years.

Party sources said there had been conflicts between Rawshan Ershad, leader of the opposition in parliament and senior presidium member of JaPa, and ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader centring the January 5 parliamentary election.

Ruhul, who is known for being close to HM Ershad, belonged to a faction of JaPa that did not want to take part in the national poll. Ershad’s wife Rawshan, on the hand, eventually contested the poll as part of the ruling Awami League-led alliance.

Sources said the matter of bringing a change to the top post had been discussed within the party for months. Eventually, following special recommendation from Rawshan Ershad, Bablu is being made the new secretary general.

Rawshan however refused to make any comment on the issue.

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