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'BNP did not miss train rather AL rode wrong train'

Update : 05 Mar 2014, 05:20 PM

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia said they did not miss the election train rather Awami League rode on the wrong train and went into wrong destination.

Khaleda came up with the statement on Wednesday while a number of sportsmen led by former goalkeeper of Bangladesh National Football team Aminul Haque joined the BNP placing flower bouquet to the party chairperson’s hand at her Gulshan office in the capital.

During the function, Khaleda said: “My decision of boycotting the January 5 election was right and we did not miss the train rather they (Awami League) rode on the wrong train.”

“They have become detached from the people as they went into wrong path…do not go in such a situation that crane needed to rescue you.”

Regarding the BNP’s participation of upazila elections, the BNP chief said: “The government could not stop the victory of BNP-backed candidates by stamping ballots and snatching away ballots forcefully. They are also planning to rig the votes in the next three phases.”

Pointing her finger to the government, Khaleda said: “After such huge rigging, our candidates are in a good position. This indicates people with whom and this will be reflected in the next national poll.” 

Alleging that the government has been disseminating various propagandas and splitting the nation to stay in power.

“There is no legal government in the country. This government is an illegal and unconstitutional. They have been propagating various propagandas to divide the nation with a view to misleading the people,” she alleged.

The former premier claimed that people have responded to the BNP’s call as they boycotted the January 5 poll.

“It was proved that we were right. It was also proved that fair election could not be held under Awami League. We want the rights of voting. If you are so popular then why did you fear of holding election under a non-partisan government? Why did you kill such a huge number of people?”

Welcoming the former players, Khaleda said, “In the future the young people will lead the country and we the seniors will be aside as guardian. We have to move forward leaving the old fashioned thinking.”

Urging the government to stop killing and abduction, Khaleda alleged that in three months 304 opposition men were killed and 56 were disappeared.

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