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AL supporters barge in at Supreme Court

Update : 29 Dec 2013, 09:36 AM

Stick-wielding Awami League supporters charged inside Supreme Court premises to subdue pro-BNP lawyers protesting at scene on Sunday afternoon.

Over a hundred supporters opened the gates and charged at the fleeing pro-BNP lawyers around 3:20pm. However, police did not follow.

The ruling party supporters also torched a motorcycle inside the Supreme Court premises, reports our correspondent Nazmus Sakib.

The pro-BNP lawyers threw glass bottles towards the Awami League activists. In retaliation, the AL supporters hurled brick on them. 

This is the first time that any such incident took place at the apex court.

Clashes soon spread into the entire Supreme Court premises. At one point a fire was seen set up inside the court premises.

BNP supporters had positioned themselves on the roof of the court building while Awami League had positioned themselves below.

Both factions were seen pelting stones at each other as heat continued through the area.

Earlier, law enforcers were using water cannons to subdue the continued protests of pro-BNP lawyers under banner Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Parishad.

Unrest in the area ensued from 11:30am when the lawyers tried to bring out a procession from the court premises. They were held off with water cannons.

Police later dispelled them using sound grenades and teargas shells. Later they had locked the main gates of the court building.

Clashes pursued in intervals before excitement reached new heights after the stick-wielding Awami League supporters charged inside.

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