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AL recalls minus 2 in manifesto

Update : 28 Dec 2013, 04:50 PM

Awami League recalled the much cited “minus two formula” in the previous military-backed caretaker government’s regime as an evil attempt and a politics of depoliticisation in its manifesto for 2014 elections.

It sees the emergence of the last caretaker government on January 11 in 2007 (widely coined as 1/11) as a consequence of the "criminalisation" and "misrule" of the BNP-Jamaat government since 2001 and their engineering to manipulate the national election.

In the manifesto, it terms the 1/11 caretaker government as "an implicit military regime that operated through depoliticisation."  

It says the military backed caretaker government adopted the policy of character assassination of and torture on the politicians utilising the emergency.

It observes not only the politicians; the regime victimised and tortured people of all segments.

The “unconstitutional” caretaker government wanted to prolong the tenure by implementing the minus-2 formula that basically aimed to keep Sheikh Hasina out of the electoral process, it says.

It claims the then caretaker government arrested Hasina on July 16, 2007 and filed one after another “fabricated” cases against her.

It alleged the caretaker regime “tortured" her mentally and even her life was threatened.

The manifesto remembers that the activities of that government including the minus 2, creating factional divide, forming kings party, even the attempt of the army chief to usurp as the president--all jeopardised the democratic process and constitutional norms.

However, the caretaker government was compelled to announce the election date at the public demand and opinion organised by the party and the pressure from within and abroad.

It also claims that the Awami League made the developments and reforms in the election process, including making the voter list with photos and introducing transparent ballot and the amendment and reform in the election acts and the constitutional instructions including the Election Commission. 

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