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Time is running out fast: Khaleda

Update : 08 Oct 2013, 09:32 PM

Urging the government to be “responsible” and take initiative in resolving the political crisis, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Tuesday said the government would have to negotiate over a poll-time government to save the country from “violence and uncertainty.”

“Time is running out fast. I hope they will come to a compromise in saving the country from violence. Do not push the country towards uncertainty. I urge them to be responsible and to try to understand the people’s pulse,” she said.

The leader of the opposition said the days of Sheikh Hasina’s government were numbered.

“Good days are coming in the future,” she added.

“We will not do business if we form government, rather we will be a real business-friendly government, removing all obstacles from the advancement of flourishing businesses,” she told a gathering of businesspeople, most of whom are actively involved with BNP or Jamaat politics.

The views-exchange and discussion programme was organised by Bangladesh Babsayi Parishad in the capital's Bangabandhu International Conference Centre.

The event was chaired by former FBCCI president and BNP leader Abdul Awal Mintoo.

More than 20 business leaders spoke during the discussion and said they would extend their support to the leader of the opposition were she to announce any programme. They also thanked her for “keeping the ready-made garments industry out of purview of hartal.”

The BNP chief called upon business leaders unite and take to the streets to resist a one-party election.

Khaleda said the opposition’s demand for holding the next general elections under a non-party caretaker government had turned into a national demand.

“Let us all be vocal and protect the people’s voting rights and democracy through a united movement. Today it is our main national duty,” she said.

She said all citizens must unite to save democracy and ensure the transfer of power in a peaceful manner.

Issuing a warning, the BNP chief said they would resist any one-sided election.

“I have already said it in Sylhet and I am also saying it today. One-sided election will be thwarted by forming poll centre-based agitation committees across the country. The businessmen should also raise their voices,” she said.

“One-party election will create one party rule. Only individuals and a particular party get benefits from one party rule,” she said.

Portraying a gloomy picture of the country’s economy and business, she said though the government had been shouting about many imaginary development plans in the last five years, the country’s economy was in a crisis and everything was heading towards uncertainty.

She also alleged that the government was destroying the country’s RMG sector and was plotting to politicise business organisations.

Khaleda once again mentioned that her party would introduce a new type of politics and form a new kind of government to meet the needs of the time.

However, she did not elaborate on this new kind of government.

“I will not elaborate our plans today. Time will say what we want to do. We want to prove it by our work not by words,” she added.

Promising that her government would give priority to merits, the opposition leader said they would ensure representation of everyone and consider the opinions of all sections of the society.

“We will not patronise corruption, terrorism and narrow politicisation. We will not follow dirty politics, rather we will improve the political culture,” she said.  

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