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Dhaka Tribune

Nur vows new programs, drawing lessons from past

  • Termed Bangladesh’s ruling class as hypocrites, fraud 
  • Holds rally in front of National Press Club
Update : 22 Mar 2024, 09:19 PM

Nurul Haque Nur, leader of one faction of Gono Odhikar Parishad, has urged the party members to take to the streets with new programs, learning from the past.

He said this at a rally organized by the party against the ongoing barbarism of Israel in Palestine in front of the National Press Club on Friday.

Commenting that Bangladesh’s ruling class is engaging in hypocrisy, he said: “There is turmoil throughout the Western world concerning the war in Ukraine, their hearts burn for Ukraine. But they do not cry for Palestine when their homes and hospitals are destroyed to dust by attacks; instead, they take Israel's side. This is their hypocrisy, deceit, and fraud. 

The ruling class of Bangladesh is perpetrating the same hypocrisy, deceit, and fraud,” he added.

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