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Fakhrul: Days are numbered for AL govt

The government killed many people and repressed and harassed thousands of opposition leaders and activists over the last 15 years, says Fakhrul

Update : 08 Aug 2022, 10:53 PM

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday said the days of the current government are numbered as the youth have started waking up against its misrule and repressive acts.

“They (govt) have now no other alternative to resorting to repressive acts and killing, extrajudicial killing and false cases to cling to power but this massive gathering of the youth has manifested that their days are numbered. They won’t be able to stay in power anymore," he said.

Speaking at a rally, he said the government killed many people and repressed and harassed thousands of opposition leaders and activists over the last 15 years. “The youth in Bangladesh have started waking up. We believe that we would be able to free the country from misrule through the sacrifices and fierce movement by the youth.”

Jatiyatabadi Jubo Dal arranged the rally in front of BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, protesting the ‘unprecedented’ fuel price hike and the killing of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal's Bhola district unit President Noor-e-Alam and local Swechchasebak Dal leader Abdur Rahim in police firing.

Fakhrul said the country has now been facing crisis in energy, economy and power only because of extreme corruption and plundering by the government. “We have seen how they have looted thousands of crores of taka in the name of quick rental power plants.”

Referring to the statistics of the Export Promotion Bureau, he said $270.81 billion have been exported from Bangladesh in the last seven years. But the Bangladesh Bank is showing a figure of $239.96 billion. Where did the remaining $30.40 billion go? The nation wants to know this.”

The BNP leader alleged that the ruling party leaders depleted the country’s resources through widespread plundering.

Speaking at the rally, BNP Standing Committee member Mirza Abbas said Awami League will no longer be able to remain in power. “Their fall is now a matter of time.”

He, however, said BNP will not able to oust the current regime only by holding rallies at Nayaplatan and in front of the National Press Club.

"We have to come out on the streets with processions and tough programmes like hartal and blockade to ensure the fall of the government. Otherwise, this regime won’t go,” he said.

Echoing Abbas, another party standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said: “If we don't take a hard-line and harsher programme and show our strength, then the government will stay in power as usual. Rather, we’ll only face many fresh cases for holding public rallies. But we won't be able to topple the government."

He said BNP has the strength to wage a fierce street movement with tough democratic and lawful programmes. “We must now work out such programmes to scare the government.”

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