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Dhaka Tribune

Election Commission rejects applications of eight new parties

Update : 27 Apr 2018, 10:20 PM
The Election Commission has decided to reject the applications of eight of the 56 new political parties which passed primary selection, as necessary documentation was not provided by them in time. Election Commission Deputy Secretary Md Abdul Hamid said a total 75 parties had applied to register before the 11th parliamentary election. From among them, 19 parties failed primary selection due to major errors in their documents. The remaining 56 parties were given 15 days to provide the necessary documentation, with 48 parties managing to do so in time. As the other eight parties failed to meet the deadline for submission of the documents, their applications have been rejected, the deputy secretary added. The parties are Mongol Party, Poribahan Labour Party, Nakful, Sonar bangla Unnoyon League, Liberal Party, Ramkrisno Party, Oikko Nap, and the Muktijoddhha Communism Democratic Party.  The registration of the 48 parties who managed to submit documents will be finalized after scrutiny of the information provided in a field level investigation. Currently, there are 40 registered parties with the Election Commission. During the 10th parliamentary election, only two parties were registered. The EC called for the registration of new political parties on October 30, 2017. December 31 was the last day of submission of applications.
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