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Ganashanghati calls for resistance against impunity

Update : 08 Nov 2015, 04:02 PM

Government should take the responsibility of recent killings, machete terror and abductions than playing blame games, speakers said at a Ganashanhati Andolon protest rally on Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Shahbagh area of the capital to denounce the recent killings, attacks, impunity and overall insecurity of citizens in Bangladesh.

The protest rally was organised by Ganashahati Andolon, a left leaning political platform, and presided over by its chief coordinator Zonayed Saki.

Ahmed Kamal, a History professor at Dhaka University said, “We are in the time of fear and uncertainty, which we had never been in before.

That is why slain publisher Dipan's father Professor Abul Kasem talked about positive will instead of justice into the murder of his son.” 

“Ruling Awami League is blaming BNP-Jamaat for the recent killings, but why are not they arresting them? Such blame game is not acceptable. Culture of impunity is prevailing in our country now. Only people's democratic resistance can draw an end to it.”

Zonayed Saki said, “The incidents of killing, attack and threatening are being committed by unmarked fundamentalists, one after another. The government failed to investigate any attack or killing. This situation created panic among the people. People are concerned about the role of the local and international conspiracy.

To protect the present and future of the country from the evil thoughts and conspiracy, the politics is to reach people. Citizens also have to take up the political role of organising themselves.”

He said, “We can die at any moment, but as long as we live, we can't die before our death.”

Speakers at the rally observed the government’s inactions have a deeper relationship with impunity, as they are not taking responsibility for the sake of keeping their own power vessel afloat.

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