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Woman gives birth on Rajshahi-bound train

  • Her labour pain started during the journey
  • Doctor on the train delivered the baby
Update : 08 Apr 2024, 09:40 PM

A woman gave birth aboard the Kapotaksha Express train while travelling on the Khulna-Rajshahi route on Monday morning.

The woman, identified as Swarna Akter, wife of Yasin Arafat, hails from Hugri Pantapara village in Maheshpur upazila of Jhenaidah.

Asim Kumar Talukder, the general manager of Western Railway, confirmed the incident, adding that it occurred near Ishwardi while the train was in transit. Swarna Akter experienced labour pains unexpectedly while on the train.

Upon receiving the news, guard Elias Kabir Salim was informed by train conductor Tapas Kumar Dey and attendant Imran Hossain. A call was made over the train's microphone seeking assistance from any available doctor.

Responding to the call, Dr Mosammat Nazneen Akhtar, a paediatrician from a private hospital and a passenger on the train, stepped forward to help.

Witnessing the emergency, fellow passengers in the compartment cooperated by providing their clothes, effectively transforming the area into an impromptu operation theatre. With the doctor's supervision, Swarna Akter successfully gave birth to a baby boy within 10 minutes.

Upon arrival at Rajshahi railway station at noon, the general manager of Western Railway personally visited the mother and newborn, bearing gifts. Subsequently, they were transported to a clinic via a railway ambulance.

Asim Kumar Talukder explained that Swarna was en route to a clinic in Rajshahi for childbirth, accompanied by several women and a brother-in-law. However, she unexpectedly went into labour during the journey. Upon reaching Rajshahi railway station, they were promptly transferred to the intended clinic via ambulance. The doctor confirmed both mother and child were in good health.

Dr Nazneen Akhtar shared her experience, saying: “I was travelling to Rajshahi when I heard the announcement. The baby was born in a normal delivery and is healthy. Thanks to the cooperation of fellow passengers, the delivery went smoothly. Both mother and child are currently in good health.”

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