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Conflict in Myanmar sparks panic in Teknaf as heavy shelling continues

  • Clashes in Myanmar led to gunshots, mortar shell sounds in border areas
  • Intensified patrols along Naf River
Update : 04 Apr 2024, 05:44 PM

The conflict between the armed group Arakan Army and the military persists in Myanmar's Rakhine state, causing concern in Cox's Bazar's Teknaf.

From Thursday morning until 2:30pm, mortar shells and gunshots echoed intermittently at the Whykong, Hnila, and Sabrang borders of Teknaf.

Nazrul Islam, a Teknaf municipality resident, described rushing into his house in fear after hearing a loud noise in the afternoon.

"I was sitting in the courtyard of the house when suddenly the ground shook with a loud noise. Later, I realized it was the sound of gunfire from Myanmar, heard on the other side. Two loud booms followed in succession. People around me, like me, are in a panic," he said.

Mohammad Nashir Uddin, residing at Shahpari Island embankment in Uttarpara, also recounted hearing loud noises in the afternoon.

"There was a loud noise on the island, and I heard two consecutive bangs. I was by the border road then. It felt like the Naf River had shaken," he said.

Teknaf's Whykong UP member Md Shahjalal said continuous gunfire from dawn till noon, with intermittent sounds persisting along the border in recent days.

Meanwhile, clashes between the Arakan Army and Myanmar government forces have led to sporadic gunshots and mortar shell sounds in border areas. Civil unrest prevails in Shilkhali and Nafpura villages in Myanmar, east of the Whykong and Hnila border. Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and the Coast Guard have intensified patrols along the Naf River in the 54km border area from Whykong to Shahpari Island in Teknaf upazila.

Rashed Mohammad Ali, chairman of Hnila Union Parishad in Teknaf, noted that gunfire sounds have become routine at night due to Myanmar's ongoing civil war.

Md Elias, residing on the Hnila border, expressed concern, said: "The sound of Myanmar's heavy gunfire has been heard from my house since morning. Sometimes, I wake up in fear due to the loud noise."

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