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Fake birth certificate: Canada PM Trudeau born in Pabna, not Ottawa

  • Revelation stirred significant attention in locality and beyond
  • Irregularities, corruption within UP facilitated it
Update : 21 Mar 2024, 09:09 PM

In a stunning revelation, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to have an unexpected tie to Pabna district, at least on paper. A counterfeit birth certificate bearing his name has surfaced, issued from Ahmedpur Union in Sujanagar upazila of the district.

The revelation has stirred significant attention in the locality and beyond, becoming a topic of national discourse.

According to the birth registration document issued by the Union Parishad, the individual named Justin Trudeau is listed as the son of Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau.

Local sources, requesting anonymity, disclosed that following the demise of Union Parishad Chairman Kamal Hossain Mia at the end of last year, temporary leadership fell to another member, with the primary operational responsibility resting with Union Parishad Secretary Awlad Hasan.

Allegedly, under Awlad Hasan's oversight, Niloy Hossain, the parishad's computer operator, issued birth certificates in exchange for financial gain. The environment of irregularities and corruption within this Union Parishad seemingly facilitated such illicit activities.

Efforts to contact computer operator Niloy Hossain at the parishad were unsuccessful, as his whereabouts remain unknown and his mobile phone switched off.

However, UP Secretary Awlad Hasan denied any involvement, asserting ignorance of the situation.

Despite holding the server's username and password, Hasan suggested that Niloy might have exploited an OTP code without his knowledge.

Sujanagar Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Sukhmoy Sarkar emphasized the seriousness of the matter, indicating an ongoing investigation.

He said: "It's early to draw any conclusions; the incident may involve unauthorized access. The investigation will uncover the truth behind this unusual occurrence."

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