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Flowers from Shaheed Minar removed before noon, sparking outrage in Tangail

  • Tangail Municipality mayor admits mistake
  • People laid flowers at the Shaheed Minar
Update : 21 Feb 2024, 11:22 PM

In Tangail, a wave of criticism has erupted following the premature removal of tribute flowers intended for language heroes.

Flowers placed to pay homage to language martyrs at Shaheed Miner Bedi were removed and ended up in the garbage truck before noon in Tangail on Wednesday.

At 12:01am, officials and local lawmakers laid flowers at the Shaheed Minar to pay respects. Throughout the morning, people from different walks of life also placed floral tributes at Tangail's Shaheed Minar, continuing until 11am.

At around 12 pm, a Tangail Municipality garbage truck arrived, and then workers started removing the tribute flowers from the Shaheed Bedi, loading them into the truck, and taking them away.

Within an hour, all the tribute flowers had been removed.

The removal has sparked severe outrage among the district's freedom fighters and the civic society.

They expressed their anger and questioned how Tangail Municipality could be so thoughtless as to remove the flowers from the Shaheed Bedi and load them into a garbage truck within just a few hours.

"People from various walks of life paid their respects until 11am. Then, why was it necessary to remove them by 12pm? This act has shown extreme disrespect to the martyrs," they added.

"How could a mayor, being a public representative of a political party, commit such a wrongful act?" they said.

Admitting the mistake, Tangail Municipality Mayor SM Sirajul Haque Alamgir said: "Such an incident will not happen in the future. We will be aware of this matter. Like always, this year too, the flowers were removed before noon."

However, he said it would have been better if the removal had taken place after the afternoon.

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