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RMG workers in Gazipur demand salary following new structure

  • Workers discuss financial challenges
  • Police assured workers-owners discussion
Update : 28 Jan 2024, 11:12 PM

Workers at the Hamco Leathers Limited shoe factory in Kaliakore, Gazipur, staged a protest demanding payment of salaries in accordance with the new salary structure announced by the government.

The workers, facing financial challenges due to the existing salary rate, calmed down after the police intervened and assured discussions with both the workers and owners to address the issue.

The protest took place from 12:30pm to 3pm on Sunday, with workers expressing dissatisfaction with the current payment structure.

They claimed that the employer has not implemented the new salary grades, continuing to pay the previous amount of Tk7,000.

In the face of rising commodity prices, the workers emphasized the inadequacy of this salary, making it challenging to meet their basic needs, support their families, and cover education and medical expenses.

The workers stressed the urgency of a salary increase to cope with the cost of living.

Saniul Islam, manager of Human Resources and Administration Department at Hamco Leathers Limited, said that the clothing industry should not be equated with the shoe industry.

He mentioned that they have increased the salary by Tk1,200, considering the well-being of the workers, and affirmed their commitment to aligning with the government's announced salary structure once it is officially published.

Gazipur District Industrial Police Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Deepak Majumdar said that hat the workers were protesting for the implementation of the new salary structure. Efforts are being made to resolve the issue through discussions involving representatives of both the owners and workers.

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