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Cold wave grips Kurigram, mercury drops to 6.8°C

  • Schools remain closed
  • Lowest temperature was 9.4°C on Thursday
Update : 26 Jan 2024, 11:54 AM

Kurigram is enduring bitingly cold weather in the Bengali month of Magh.

The moderate cold wave is sweeping across the district, affecting the daily lives of the people.

Thick fog has enveloped the entire region, discouraging people from venturing outside unless necessary.

On Friday morning, the district recorded its lowest temperature at 6.8°C at 9am. 

On Thursday, the lowest temperature was 9.4°C. 

The drop in temperature has led to discomfort in the Brahmaputra, Dharala, Teesta, Dudhkumar and 16 other riverside areas, affecting the lives of the local residents.

The intense cold, coupled with the chilly wind, has increased the severity of the winter. People are struggling to cope with the intense cold, resorting to various measures to keep warm.

Hospitals in the district have reported an increase in cases of diarrhoea, pneumonia, respiratory distress, colds and coughs among patients affected by winter-related illnesses. With the temperature below 10°C, around 2,000 primary and secondary educational institutions in the district remain closed.

Hosen Ali from Kurigram Sadar upazila’s Pachgachi Union shared his ordeal, stating that he has been unable to work due to the extreme cold for the past 22 days. The daily wage earners in the region are particularly affected, with many facing difficulties due to the prolonged exposure to the cold.

Subal Chandra Sarkar, in charge of Kurigram's Rajarhat Agro-Meteorological Office, mentioned that it is common for such temperatures to occur in January. However, after January 28, there might be a slight increase in temperature.

The residents are bracing themselves for the continuing cold wave, hoping for relief in the coming days.

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