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1,400C projects bringing massive changes to Rangamati

This is the tenth part of an exclusive series on development initiatives that have changed the picture of the country’s 64 districts over the last decade and a half

Update : 25 Nov 2023, 09:32 AM

With the Awami League in its third consecutive term in government, the hill district of Rangamati has registered a never-before-seen transformation in the past 15 years. 

The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) is greatly responsible for that as it has already implemented several development projects while materializing some others involving Tk1,364 crore altogether. 

From infrastructural development to the lifestyle of the once-neglected locals, everything has seen a significant change there over the period.

Langadu Bridge. Photo: Dhaka Tribune

A staggering Tk1,026.77 crore has been spent on constructing and repairing roads, bridges, culverts, village markets and a number of government buildings.

Moreover, under a scheme of the Prime Minister’s Office, a Tk336 crore mega project for upgrading road communication in the Belaichari upazila was cleared in the Ecnec in 2021.

The project was designed for a 40-km road from Kaptai to Belaichari and 16 bridges. 

Significant projects

In Kaptai, a Muktijoddha Complex was built at an estimated cost of Tk2.12 crore. A Muktijuddho Memorial Museum was constructed in the district’s Kawkhali, Juraichari and Barkal upazilas each by spending Tk2.2 crore.

 Tk6 crore was spent on 103 religious establishments in the districts. Three upazila complexes were built at a cost of Tk25 crore. Twenty-two union parishad complexes were constructed by spending Tk19 crore.

Rajostali bazar (kitchen market). Photo: Dhaka Tribune

In a bid to help boost the primary education sector, Tk250 was spent on the construction of 350 school buildings. 

Five houses have been built at an estimated cost of Tk45 lakh for destitute and landless freedom fighters of the district. 

For further improvement of the silk industry, a regional research centre has been constructed in Kaptai upazila. 

Appreciation pours in

Md Gias Uddin, general secretary of Baghaichhari Press Club, said that Baghaichari is the biggest and remotest upazila of the country.

“In the last 15 years, a massive transformation has taken place here. I personally thank the prime minister for the development projects,” he said.

Thanking the government, especially the LGED, Baghaichari Municipality Mayor Md Zamir Hossain said three unions have benefited from a road stretching from the upazila to neighbouring Langadu.

 Asambosti road bridge. Photo: Dhaka Tribune

Babul Das Babu of Langadu upazila, echoing the sentiments of Gias and Zamir, said: “Never did we come across such development before 2009.”   

Rangamati Sadar Upazila Chairman Md Shahiduzzaman said that the development projects over the years have also helped attract more tourists to the area.

“If the government stays in power, the development spree will continue,” he hoped. 

Rangamati LGED Executive Engineer Ahmad Shafi, attesting to the development, said that locals have already started reaping the benefits of the projects. 

“More positive changes to the area and its people will be visible soon,” he said, adding that the ongoing projects will be implemented within the deadline.

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