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Adnan returns, but friend loses job

His employer declined to comment about the termination

Update : 20 Jun 2021, 09:09 PM

A school friend of Islamic speaker Afsanul Haque Adnan in Rangpur has lost his job after his employer came to know that Adnan took shelter at his village home in Gaibandha.

Adnan returned home from hiding on Friday, eight days after he went into hiding for personal reasons, according to police.

Siam Ibne Sharif, who was working as an assistant manager at an outlet of Oppo in Rangpur for the last three months, said on Sunday that he had been sacked over the incident that has drawn public attention lately.

Siam also claimed that he had no idea that Adnan had been hiding at his village home, where his mother lives.

The local authorities of Oppo declined to comment on the matter.

“When I went to work this [Sunday] morning, I was told that I had been fired by the higher authorities. I live in Rangpur for work and never knew that Adnan went to my village home in Gaibandha,” he told Dhaka Tribune.

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Siam said he had joined human chain programs demanding that Adnan be found.

The Islamic speaker, well known as Abu Twa-haa Muhammad Adnan, and his three associates had been hiding at Siam’s house in Trimohoni area under Gaibandha Sadar.

According to Siam, Adnan did not inform him that he would go to Gaibandha. Siam’s mother also did not inform him about Adnan showing up either.

Father of a 10-month-old child, Siam is now concerned about his career and family. “I don’t know what to do now,” he said with a heavy voice.

Reported as “missing” since June 10, Adnan returned to his in-law’s house in Rangpur at 2:30pm on Friday. Adnan’s three associates – Firoz, Muhid and car driver Amir – also returned to their respective homes the same day.

Upon being informed of the matter, Kotwali police station Officer in-Charge (OC) Abdur Rashid and his team visited Adnan’s house. Adnan was later taken to the office of the Rangpur Detective Branch (DB) of Police for questioning. 

Earlier, Adnan's wife Sabikunnahar alleged that international intelligence agencies might have picked him up for his speeches on the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

Adnan was also in a rivalry with Dr Abu Bakar Muhammad Zakaria, a senior Islamic scholar, lately over their religious teachings and the ways of preaching. Both have posted videos on YouTube and Facebook targeting each other. Adnan also feared that he could be abducted for his remarks.

The young religious speaker has was critical of the governance system in Bangladesh, the mainstream education among other issues. Since he went missing, local and international rights groups and activists have blamed the authorities for his disappearance.  

In a recent video, Adnan had called for the unity of all Muslims and removal of all differences between them. He asked his followers not to act aggressively against those who were opposed to his views because it would strengthen the enemies of Islam. 

Adnan said: “We’ll work for the Muslim Ummah. We’re part of a family… But we’ll snatch Jerusalem from the Zionists. We want to see the destruction of the pharaohs. We’ll join the Imam Mahdi… the brothers in Khorasan… and the Caliphate when it’s restored.”

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