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Finding Johnny Sins and Mia Khalifa at Ekushey book fair

Update : 20 Feb 2018, 09:29 PM
A number of people thought naming a stall at an Ekushey February book fair after adult film actors Johnny Sins and Mia Khalifa was a brilliant idea. Just like having a separate lane for VIP vehicles and shutting down internet to prevent SSC question paper leaks, this was another bad idea. The incident took place in Kalihati, Tangail where three young men had the ingenious idea to name their stall after the pornographic film actors. Once a number of overexcited visitors spotted the name and posted photos of the stall on Facebook, it became widely circulated which is how the organizers caught wind of it. A little research revealed why the names were popular, infuriating the book fair management and local residents.Language warrior and freedom fighter Bulbul Khan said: “Ekushey is more than just a day of the year. It is integral to our identity and conscience. From Ekushey, we marched to Ekattor and independence.  Finding pornstars at an Ekushey book fair is unacceptable. It is nothing short of heinous.” Kalihati Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shahina Akhter, who is also convener of the Ekushey Book Fair Committee, said the sub-committee in charge of allotting stalls has been asked to submit a probe report on how this name made it to the fair. The three owners of the stall - Rokon, Shanto and Bappi - were arrested on Tuesday by the police.
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