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Don’t hurt religious sentiment, IGP to bloggers

Update : 09 Aug 2015, 03:56 PM

Terming hurting one's religious sentiment as crime, Inspector General of Police (IGP) has advised the free thinkers not to hurt religious sentiment in their writings.

IGP AKM Shahidul Haque said: “According to laws if any one hurts one's feelings, he will be punished by the law.”

Advising the free thinkers, IGP said: “None should cross the limit.”

According to Penal Code and ICT Act, hurting one's religious sentiment is a crime and according to the law one might be punished for 14 years for such offense, said the police chief. 

The IGP held a press briefing at Police Headquarters in Dhaka on Sunday afternoon in the wake of criticism against police following the brutal killing of blogger Niladri Chatterjee NIloy.

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Before he was murdered on Friday, Niloy wrote in a facebook post that police didn't help him when he sought protection after he suspected that several people were following him.   

IGP said police did not support the murders and all the murders must be brought under trial.

Moreover, he also said if any person thinks that any writing that hurts his feelings he can seek help from police and file a case.

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IGP said: "If any blogger or free thinker suffers from such threat he can contact with local police or DB police in Dhaka. Police will ensure his security."

Asked about the prior list of the bloggers who might be under threat, he said they had no such list.

About trying to file the GD by Niloy, he said all the three specialised organisations did not have any information to confirm about the claim that was written by Niloy in his Facebook account. However, if the three teams find any proof, police will take departmental action.

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