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New healthcare act to regulate doctor-patient ratios

  • ‘Doctor-patient relationship is important thing’
  • ‘Many going abroad because they don't trust our doctors’
Update : 09 Apr 2024, 05:24 PM

Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Samanta Lal Sen has said that the Health Care and Safety Act will be finalized with provisions on how many patients a doctor can visit in a day.

He said this while talking to reporters in his office at the Secretariat on Tuesday.

The health minister said that the doctor-patient relationship is an important thing.

“Doctors in our country are no less than India, Singapore, and Bangkok in any part. But our biggest problem is the lack of time for counselling by our doctors,” he said.

“We will put this in the law - how many patients a doctor can visit. A doctor will visit a few patients and will take time to counsel them well. Then the patients will trust the doctors,” he added.

The minister said: “Many are going abroad because they don't trust our doctors. Not that everything very good will happen there. I brought patients from Bhutan. Patients from Bhutan have received treatment here.

“The King of Bhutan was very happy when he visited Bangladesh. We are building a burn unit in Bhutan. We have allowed hospitals to be built outside to demonstrate our capabilities,” he added.

Monitoring hospitals during Eid

The health minister said that he will personally attend the hospitals outside Dhaka and Dhaka during the Eid holidays.

He said: “I will monitor the hospitals for a few days, not only in Dhaka but also outside Dhaka. I will monitor myself so that those on duty are not disturbed. I will not say when, where, which hospital I will visit.”

In response to a question, the minister said that dengue is such a disease, awareness is the biggest thing here. People often die from dengue if they are not admitted to the hospital at the right time.

“The first thing we need to be aware of. Treatment is next. We have already had a meeting about everything needed for treatment. I will sit again after Eid,” he said.

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