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What facilities do Bangladeshi cabinet members enjoy?

  • Over a dozen perks including housing, vehicles and medical coverage
  • Monthly salary of a minister is Tk1.05 lakh
Update : 12 Jan 2024, 12:09 AM

A new cabinet comprising 25 ministers and 11 state ministers will take the oath of office on Thursday to lead the country for the next five years.

The responsibilities of cabinet members include state administration, but they also come with a range of perks.

The Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers (Remuneration and Privileges) Act states that those in minister, state minister or deputy minister positions are eligible for a minimum of thirteen different perks, such as housing, vehicles and medical coverage.

Here is a list of perks that cabinet members enjoy:

Salary: Members of parliament as ministers receive Tk1.05 lakh, state ministers Tk92,000 and deputy ministers Tk86,500 in monthly salaries.

Rent: Ministers, state ministers and deputy ministers can claim monthly rents in addition to a well-furnished government residence if they want to live in their own or rented residence. Ministers are entitled to Tk80,000 in rent, while state and deputy ministers are entitled to Tk70,000.

Home decoration and utilities: For home decoration, ministers get Tk5 lakh annually, while state ministers and deputy ministers receive Tk4 lakh. The entire cost of electricity, gas, water and telephone services in their residences is covered by the government.

Vehicle: Every member of the cabinet is provided with a government-funded vehicle. Moreover, they have the option to make use of a jeep assigned to any organization or department within their ministry for official duties, particularly when travelling to their respective constituency. Fuel costs are reimbursed at a rate corresponding to 18 litres of fuel oil per day.

Medical coverage: Cabinet members have access to "unlimited" medical services, contingent upon the submission of necessary paperwork in the form of expense vouchers to the Cabinet Division.

Hosting allowance: Cabinet ministers host a diverse array of visitors, including both local and foreign guests, as well as constituents with various needs upon assuming office. Cabinet members receive a monthly hosting allowance of Tk10,000. State ministers and deputy ministers are granted Tk7,500 and Tk5,000, respectively.

Travel allowance: Each minister, state minister and deputy minister is granted an annual air travel allowance of Tk8 lakh. In the case of train travel, a minister may request a government-funded reserved railway saloon or a first-class compartment with two or four berths. State ministers and deputy ministers are also entitled to the highest class of train accommodation.

Furthermore, ministers, ministers of state and deputy ministers undertaking official travel outside Bangladesh are eligible for allowances as prescribed by the government.

Support staff: Ministers and state ministers can appoint a private secretary (PS) of the deputy secretary rank. They also receive an assistant private secretary, two personal officers, one foreman, one attendant, two office helpers and one cook. State ministers and deputy ministers have comparable support staff arrangements but with notable differences.

Area development funds: Ministers receive Tk10 lakh per year for the construction of mosques, temples, and philanthropic works in their respective areas, while state ministers and deputy ministers get Tk7.5 lakh and Tk5 lakh, respectively. There is an audit-free status for this fund.

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