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Zonayed Saki: Struggle for emancipation did not end in 1971

  • ‘A totalitarian, fascist regime is in power’
  • He said democracy is essential to establish spirit of Liberation War
Update : 26 Mar 2024, 07:18 PM

Ganosamhati Andolan Chief Coordinator Zonayed Saki on Tuesday said that the struggle for emancipation is a continuous process and that it did not end with the liberation of the country in 1971.

“A democratic Bangladesh was the basic spirit of the Liberation War and the basic aspiration of the people. But after 54 years, Bangladesh is walking in the opposite direction. The right to vote has been snatched and abolished,” he told reporters at Savar National Memorial on Tuesday.

Saki, also a top leader of the anti-government platform Ganatantra Mancha, added: “It is a total coercive regime... A totalitarian, fascist regime is in power. Human rights are trampled.”

He said democracy is an essential element to establish the spirit of the Liberation War, the spirit of equality for all citizens of this country, social justice, and building a humane society.

He stressed the need for reconstruction of the state by ensuring justice, equality and dignity, while the economic system, laws and regulations have to be formulated in the same line.

Saki added that those who are snatching away the people’s right to vote and endangering the existence of the country are not people who follow the spirit of the struggle for independence.

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