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Charmonai Pir warns of march towards Election Commission

  • Made four-point demands
  • Protests, demonstrations if demands not met
Update : 12 Nov 2023, 05:32 PM

Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim, well-known as Charmonai Pir, has issued a warning of a mass march towards the Election Commission if the schedule is announced without meeting the demands of the opposition parties.

He expressed his full support for the peaceful programs of opposition parties during a press conference on Sunday.

Rezaul Karim said that a march would be organized in the direction of the Election Commission on the day of the schedule announcement, accompanied by protests and demonstrations in every district and metropolis across the country. 

Referring to a mass gathering of his party, Islamic Andolan, at Suhrawardy Udyan on November 3, Charmonai Pir said: “There we warned the government and called for its resignation by November 10.”

“On November 3, we held a mass meeting in Dhaka to highlight the horrors of the political and economic crisis caused by unlimited power of the government leaders. We also made some logical demands to the government to overcome the crisis in a peaceful way. But the government did not heed,” he added. 

Rezaul underscored the importance of the electoral government system in Bangladesh, established in 1996 with universal political unity. 

However, he criticized the Awami League government for undermining this system through constitutional amendments. 

He accused the government of engaging in indecent and arrogant behaviour, contributing to the current crisis. 

The Islamic movement presented four demands, including the immediate dissolution of the current parliament to form a national government, the release of political detainees, the abolition of the current Election Commission, and the announcement of the schedule only after political consensus and the creation of a level playing field.

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