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Things to consider before attending community college in USA

Update : 17 Nov 2013, 06:16 PM

A four year college programme is the first preference for college students, but the US also has a vast number of community colleges that helps you get started and is also less stressful on your financial situation.

Here are some things international students should consider before deciding to attend a community college:

1. Students need to have a clearer understanding about their study plans and long term goals. If you plan to move forward to a four year college later on, then it will be better if a community college is taken into consideration that can support such a plan. If you just need to get a certain field certification, two year associate degree is often more helpful.

2. You need to make sure that the community college is accredited and that your credits will transfer to other colleges.

3. In terms of international students, English proficiency may be of concern. Hence community colleges are a good source to start with English advancement. Their requirements are not as strict as other four year colleges. Also English proficiency classes are available for students to improve their English before going into rigorous college work.

4. Community colleges also help international students get used to the culture shock and the cultural changes that a student may face initially. It allows time and scopes for a student to explore their surroundings, the culture, and the weather and also explore better options for four year schools for the future.

5. Though all community colleges may not provide dorm or living facilities to students, there are still about 200 colleges that do have the support system for international students.

6. The following community colleges, have some of the highest populations of international students in the America, so one should look into the following names if interested:

Houston Community College Santa Monica College Lone Star College De Anza College Montgomery College Green River Community College

7. Students may consider a community college based on the following factors:

To improve English skills To save money To adapt to US education To adapt to the culture of the country
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