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Dhaka Tribune

Jagannath Hall authorities evict outsiders

Update : 30 Jul 2013, 02:54 PM

Jagannath Hall authorities conducted a drive to evict the hall's illegal residents on the midnight of Monday. The expedition was led by the hall's provost, house tutors and some other officials.

Witnesses said the hall authorities locked the main gate of Gobindro Chandra Bhaban (the northern building) at around 10:30pm and proceeded to check the ID cards of every student and locked twelve of the hall's rooms.

Ashim Sharkar, the hall's provost, said they made the decision of moving the illegitimate students out during a meeting and that they announced the decision via notices and leaflets. They found that many former students of Dhaka University were still staying at the hall and there were many boarders who had never even been admitted as students.

"We will take harder steps against outsiders in the future," he added.

Dhaka University Proctor Amzad Ali said the hall provost had informed him before conducting the drive and he had sent his team to help them out. There were also police standing outside the hall but they did not enter the hall premises, he added.

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