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Allegations against Naadir Junaid: No progress in trial proceedings, say students

  • DU students hold a press briefing on Monday
  • A three-day ultimatum given to inform students about the progress of probe committee  
  • They warn of tougher movement demanding
Update : 06 May 2024, 09:25 PM

The students of Mass Communication and Journalism of Dhaka University have expressed their concern as a fact-finding committee, formed to look into allegations against DU professor Naadir Junaid, did not submit their report in two months

Dhaka University authorities formed two probe bodies to look into allegations, including of sexual harassment, against Naadir Junair, on March 4.

The committees were given two weeks to probe into the allegations.  

One of them is a fact-finding committee, which was supposed to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and emotional abuse brought against the professor by a female student of the department and another female student at a private university in the capital, where he taught as a guest teacher.

The second committee was assigned to investigate allegations of bad results of postgraduate students of the department's 12th batch due to personal grudges.

The students hold a press briefing on Monday as already two months have been passed after the formation of probe committees.

The students of Mass Communication and Journalism of Dhaka University hold a press conference on the university campus on Monday, May 6, 2024. Photo: Dhaka Tribune

From the briefing, they gave a three-day ultimatum to the authorities to inform students about the progress of the investigation.

“If no visible progress is observed, the agitating students threatened to go for tougher movements boycotting classes and examinations demanding justice,” warned the students at the briefing.

“Even after two months of forming the fact-finding committee, we are witnessing no visible progress in the investigation which is very unfortunate. Prolonging the proceedings of the inquiry report, we are afraid that the authorities might give an exemption to Prof Nadir from the allegation” said Rafij Khan, spokesperson of the agitating students.

The briefing was held at the university’s social sciences premises on the DU campus.

“Recently, in two other public universities, immediate actions have been taken against teachers accused of similar crimes within a very short time, but the DU administration failed to do so except sending the professor on forced leave,” said Rafij.

Expressing concern, the students added: “Attempts are being made by some people to cover up the issue or to save the accused teacher with light punishment if the discussion on the matter is reduced.”

The students demanded to complete the trial process within the shortest possible time and ensure maximum academic punishment against the teacher after proving him guilty.

The head of the committee is Prof Shima Zaman, dean of the Faculty of Law. The other two members are Prof Masudur Rahman, provost of Haji Muhammad Mohsin Hall, and Sanchita Guha, assistant proctor of the university. The committee was asked to submit a report within 14 days.

On February 10, a female student of the DU MCJ department lodged a written complaint of sexual harassment against DU Proctor Dr Maksudur Rahman. On the following day, a complaint of concealing sexual harassment allegation was lodged against Naadir by another student of the department.

Later, on February 28, a former student of a private university, where Nadir appeared as a guest teacher, filed another complaint of sexual harassment against Naadir Junaid.              

Earlier on February 7, postgraduate students of DU MCJ department filed a complaint alleging that Professor Naadir intentionally gave them unusually low grades in a course, acting out of personal vendetta and academic misconduct.

Soon after the complaints were filed, the students started to stage protests boycotting all kinds of academic activities demanding the suspension of the accused professor and seeking justice.

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